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Season 4 - The Inspiration Behind the Collection

Yo! My name is Chanelle and I'm the co-founder/design director of Valley High. I'm so excited to meet you and share our newest collection with you, which is available TODAY. I love telling a story with our collections because our Valley Girls are anything but basic, so I thought it would be fun to take you guys into the thought process and inspiration behind this collection. Hope you enjoy and if you weren't a Valley Girl already, I hope you are down to join the crew now. 

This season we were inspired by the ultimate Girl Gang, The Pink Ladies. We wanted to put our spin on what a modern day Pink Lady would look like, but with Valley High style. Not only did we lock in that iconic, pink jacket, but we incorporated edgy elements that make us who we are as a brand as well. This includes custom prints, crop tops and our signature piece, the oversize tee. We also added fun details to tie the whole collection together such as zippers, pink stitching, and our very own original punk patches. The whole collection is cut and sew with original prints and fits, which puts an extra bit of love into our brand as a whole, and each piece that we sell to you, our Valley Girls. 


We placed our lookbook at a local burger joint with our model, @Taylorlashe sporting her squad jacket for the “Valley Girls". Our photographer, Chris Velasco captured the essence of Taylor and her amazing energy which I believe is exactly what a Valley Girl encompasses. She's fun, fearless and all about creating her own style. Chris used some great techniques which gave the photos their unique effects and fun vibe. 

I'm so proud of this collection and hope you all love it. The “Valley Girls” are the new squad on campus, kicking ass and taking all the boys. Join the crew. Holler. 



Chanelle Valley

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