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Valley Girl of the Month - Sheela Awe



(Photos by Machete Bang Bang)


Name: Sheela Awe || @sheelaawe 


Occupation: Recording Artist with Rebel Lane (GirlGroup: @sydyouth)




How long have you lived in the Valley?: About a year 


Favorite place to eat?:

I love to eat so i'll just take the liberty of naming a few places! 

- Pho 999

- Cactus Taqueria 

- Spice Season  


You have one day to take your BFF around the Valley, what does your perfect day look like?:

okay soooooooo...

Hike Fryman 

Get coffee at Aroma 

Take a pole class (or two) at Metamorphosis 

Stroll & shop Ventura (and splurge on everything we desire) 

Drinks & dinner at either Bow & truss or Black Market 

Maybe catch a late movie after depending on how drunk we are. 


What’s your vice?:  Taking a bath with a bowl of strawberries & a glass of wine OR sitting on this comfy new couch I purchased recently and watching literally every single show on Hulu. 


What is your favorite thing about the Valley?: The valley is great because its close enough to Hollywood but at the same time its still far enough. There are also a bunch of super cute & trendy stores and restaurants that are coming up which I love discovering. 


Favorite Instagram account you follow right now?: @valley-high DUHHHHH also love @lifestyleretreats cause i'm obsessed with traveling & chilling in a vicinity filled with green & blue. 


What do you think makes Valley Girls a cut above the rest?: Ya'll know who are as individualz and ya'll doin' it and doin' it and doin' it well ;)


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