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Valley Girl of the Month: Emily Kolberg

Name: Emily Kolberg


Occupation: Digital Media Coordinator at AG




How long have you lived in the Valley? 2 1/2 years


Favorite place to eat? Aroma Cafe (on Tujunga Ave) 


You have one day to take your BFF around the Valley, what does your perfect day look like? The day starts with a beautiful, early morning hike at Fryman Canyon. There are lots of little hidden trails here with less people and more nature, always leaving me feeling refreshed! It would be Sunday, so after the hike, we would wander over to my favorite Farmer's Market in all of Los Angeles on Laurel Canyon Blvd and Ventura Blvd. We'd pick up some Fresno (sweet jalepeno) jam and fresh berries from my 2 favorite vendors. After that, we would probably both be in the mood for some bottomless mimosas and a view, so we would head over to The Castaway and spend 5 hours drinking and talking love, lust, and all of those other juicy stories. 


What’s your vice? Good music = dancing. I like to get down on the dance floor.


Favorite instagram account you follow right now? I love @lisadengler for style inspiration, but I always go back to @fuckjerry, @beigecardigan, @americanfailure, etc because they keep me laughing.


What do you think makes Valley Girls a cut above the rest? I don't necessarily. I love everyone! Is that fair answer? :) If anything, I'd say that we smile at our neighbors more often. So maybe we're more healthy because of that. 

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