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Welcome to Valley High. A newly debuted women's contemporary clothing line giving you what you didn't know you've been missing. Both founders Chanelle Laurence and Christian Ojeda were inspired by their Los Angeles native upbringing and aimed to provide a glance into Southern California culture through fashion. They wanted to create a line for girls so that they don’t have to search through their boyfriend’s closets to wear something good and so that the guys will be asking THEM where they got their fits. With “boyfriend style” pieces, edgy graphics and those SoCal vibes, Valley High is what you'll now be living in.

Valley High is fully produced in Los Angeles with both Christian and Chanelle being hands on for every every single step. From Chanelle designing the pieces and Christian creating all the graphics, to screen printing and fabric sourcing, the whole brand has been a completely collaborative project. Both founders hail from careers in the fashion industry that have allowed for a wonderful marriage of talent; Chanelle has a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM and has been running her own fashion blog and online vintage clothing store for 5 years now and Christian has worked within the visual and graphics field for various men’s streetwear brands such as Freshjive, Krew and Supra. 


Who is a Valley Girl?

A Valley Girl is someone that’s always down for an adventure but only if she’s in the right uniform. She’s always on top of trends and is never afraid to try new ones. She’s inspired and loves expressing herself, whether through her clothes or another creative outlet making the world her playground. A Valley Girl can be loud and edgy or shy and reserved. As long as her love for fashion resides, she can pull off our goods

So, are you living the #VALLEYHIGHLIFE?

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