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Valley Girl of the Month: Jesi Le Rae

Name: Jesi Le Rae

Occupation: Model, Actor, Dancer

URL: twitter, snap, instagram : Jesilerae (blog is coming soon) 


How long have you lived in the Valley? It will be 2yrs come June :) 

Favorite place to eat? My favorite place to eat currently (because theres so many options) would have to be Sushi Roku, No. Candela. No, Sushi Roku. 

You have one day to take your BFF around the Valley, what does your perfect day look like? My Perfect day would probably be Aroma Cafe, Wizardly World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, Pie/ hangs with live music at Republic of Pie, and drinks at the Baked Potato. 

What’s your vice? My lady like potty mouth and addiction to speeding through traffic.


What is your favorite thing about the Valley? My favorite thing about the valley (besides all the dance studios in close proximity) are the silence, parking, and everything seems to be within a walking distance. Its like its own little town. 

Favorite instagram account you follow right now? Too many to choose! 

What do you think makes Valley Girls a cut above the rest? Being able to mesh well with the flashy behaviors of hollywood but never conform to the superficiality. 

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